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You can manually exclude or include the utility modules or components by comment out the lines in the .scss files. The final build file size will be smaller or bigger depends on how much utility you need.

// @file `src/_yogurt.scss`
@import "modules/utilities/flexbox";


// EXAMPLE ~ Flexbox
// @file `modules/utilities/_flexbox.scss`

// Utilities for controls how flex items grow and shrink.
@include yogurt($class: 'flex', $property: flex, $modifier: $flex,
$variant: ('responsive'));

// Utilities for controls how lines are positioned in multi-line flex containers.
@include yogurt($class: 'content', $property: align-content, $modifier: $align-content,
$variant: ('responsive'));



You can customize the Yogurt default configuration file ./src/_config.scss by adding or removing the modifier values that you don't need. If you find a utility that is not included in the build, you can create your utility using the Plugin API.

// @file `src/_config.scss`
$screens: (
xs: 320px,
sm: 640px,
md: 768px,
lg: 1024px,
xl: 1280px,
2k: 1920px,
// 3k: 2560px,
4k: 3840px,
// 5k: 5120px,
// 6k: 5760px,
// 7k: 7000px,
8k: 7680px

For the most recommended and effective way to strip down unused CSS classes is using PurgeCSS or using Yogurt CLI tool. (See also, Purge Unused Classes).