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Theme Auto v1.0.9

Utilities for sets page theme either dark or light based on web browser or app settings with color correction.


theme="auto"@media(prefers-color-scheme: dark) { html[theme="auto"], img[theme="auto"], [theme="auto"] { filter: invert(1) hue-rotate(180deg) }}


The basic set up for theme="auto" attribute is with the <html> tag. This allows the utility to attenuate colors of the page theme but not changing any color of it.

<html theme="auto">

But, the images and some other elements will look inverted. To compensate that, apply the same theme="auto" attribute to all affected elements, like in the example.

<html theme="auto">
<!-- e.g. To compensate inverted image -->
<img theme="auto">
<!-- e.g. To compensate other inverted elements -->
<y theme="auto"></y>
<span theme="auto"></span>


To simulate theme="auto" on a Chrome-based web browser at the developer tools, by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+I and find your way to enable the Rendering options in the picture below. You 'll find the Emulate CSS media feature prefers-color-scheme menu.

Chrome prefers-color-scheme simulator


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Default enabled variants. Read more information about the Responsive and Pseudo-Class Variants.